KATIE COURIC is about to vow to stay with fiancé John Molner until “death do us part” – but then what?

The ENQUIRER has learned that the perky TV star long ago made plans to ultimately be laid to rest next to her late first husband John Paul “Jay” Monahan III, but sources say her new marriage could disrupt those arrangements.

Jay – dad to Katie’s daughters Ellie, 22, and Carrie, 18 – tragically died of colon cancer at age 42 in 1998, and devastated Katie became an advocate for colon cancer research while a “Today” co-host.

“It’s a delicate subject, to say the least, especially since Katie is finally set to remarry after spending 16 years as a widow and enduring a string of failed romances,” said an insider.

“Those close to Jay can’t help but wonder if Katie’s promise to be laid next to him will be kept, or does she have other plans now that she’s taking a new hus­band?”

Family members are taking sides in a feud over what should be done, disclosed a close source. “Some say Katie should stick with the plan for the dual plot for the sake of her kids, but others say she has a right to decide what to do during her marriage to John.”

Katie’s cherished husband – a prominent attorney – was laid to rest at the Cemetery of the Holy Rood in West-bury, N.Y., where there are multiple Monahan plots on both sides of an impos­ing gray granite cross.

The Monahan name is inscribed at the base, and there’s a space below Jay’s name that has been left blank – for Katie.

Now, the funeral dis­pute is hanging like a dark cloud over the news star’s planned nuptials.

After dating divorced, 51-year-old financier Mol­ner for two years, Katie, 57, announced their en­gagement over the 2013 Labor Day weekend.

“Her upcoming wed­ding should be a time filled with immense excitement, joy and hap­piness,” said the insider, “but now she’s caught up in the middle of this con­troversy.”