Despite tons of ballyhoo KATIE COURIC will not be returning to “Today” – at all.

Katie, the former “Today” and daytime talk-show host, who is now the “global news anchor” at Yahoo, was asked to be a special guest host for with old pal Matt Lauer while Savannah Guthrie was off giving birth to her first child, Vale.

Multiple sources say that Katie-anticipated guest return was scratched after she insisted on a longer run of a few weeks, which the Peacock Net honchos shot down, The New York Post reported.

“Katie wanted a longer stint on ‘Today’ to help promote her Yahoo role. But it wasn’t what NBC had in mind, and they refused,” an insider told the Gotham tab.

 “Katie and Matt discussed the opportunity, but a one-day appearance didn’t make sense,” another source divulged.  

“She remains focused on her Yahoo responsibilities, and Stand Up to Cancer, and is figuring out her long-term TV options.”

Katie’s rep said, “She loves the folks at ‘Today’ and is flattered by the speculation, but nothing has changed.”