KATIE COURIC is wooing former "Today" co-host MATT LAUER to join her on a new syndicated talk show, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The news anchor reportedly will exit "CBS Evening News" in June and Lauer could join her in December 2012 when his "Today" contract is up.

"Katie's reaching out to Matt with a tempting offer to rekindle their proven on-camera chemistry," reveals an NBC source.

It would be a return to their glory days, say insiders.

Lauer, 53, reportedly won't renew his NBC contract when it expires. He has been with "Today" for 14 years and until 2006, successfully co-hosted it alongside 54-year-old Couric.

Her exit to CBS ushered in Meredith Vieira as Lauer's co-host. She's leaving in September – 14 months before Lauer can jump ship.

But Katie is already dreaming of huge, Oprah-like dollar signs, says a CBS source.

"Owning a syndicated talk show with Matt playing a key role could turn two millionaires into billionaires. Katie sees it as hitting the jackpot."

The anchor sprang into action when she suspected her CBS boss was going to dump her from the last-place nightly network news show.

Couric admits she is in talks with former "Today" producer Jeff Zucker about a daytime show, potentially involving Lauer.

The newscaster is also hoping to enlist a powerful ally – media queen Oprah Winfrey, who recently started her own TV network, OWN.

"Katie hasn't ruled out asking Oprah – who has a whole network of time slots to fill – to give her a shot," a source divulged.

"A friend says Katie told Oprah, 'I aim to turn out just as good a talk show as you did!'"