The  #FAIL celeb dating world of KATIE COURIC including lover doll MICHAEL JACKSON and BOB “Plush Toy” SAGET.

Katie, 56 opened up to Howard Stern on during an appearance on his SiriusXM radio show, dishing on dates with Bob Saget and how she turned down a date with Michael Jackson.

Katie explained how the late pop star attempted to organize a date with her through his spiritual advisor Rabbi Shmuley Boteach more than a decade ago, RadarOnline noted.

 “(Rabbi Boteach)called my office at The Today Show,” Couric explained.

“ ‘Katie, I have a question for you, are you seeing anyone?’ And I thought, this is so beyond creepy that Rabbi Shmuley is hitting on me.

“I’m like ‘Rabbi Shmuley, you have like nine kids, what’s going on here?’ I said ‘Actually, I am [seeing someone].’ Because I had a boyfriend at the time.

“He said, ‘Oh, that’s a shame… Michael (Jackson) said to me ‘That’s the kind of girl I would like to go out with…’ and I said, ‘Rabbi Shmuley, that’s very flattering but I am seeing someone… will you tell him how flattered I am and what a nice compliment that is?’”

Katie said she believes that the troubled pop star saw her as stability.

 “Not to be too psychoanalytical about it, but I think he was looking for a little normalcy possibly and maybe he saw me as kind of a normal person,” she said, adding: “I do regret not having dinner with him. That would have been insane — breaking bread with Michael Jackson!”

But Katie, who admitted gruesome details earlier this year about her date with geri-ACTION stud muffin  Larry King, did go out with a few other stars!

“I don’t think I did it for him,” she admits about her date with Bob Saget, who never called her again.

“That’s alright.”

Katie, dodge a bullet much?