Katherine Jackson’s Magic Touch For Jacko’s Personal Magician

Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine Jackson

In a heartwarming act of compassion, MICHAEL JACKSON'S mother is caring for her late son’s cancer-stricken personal magician, The National ENQUIRER can reveal.

Katherine Jackson, 85, has also forked out over $1 million for the medical bills of 60-year-old Majestik Magnificent, who’s battling an aggressive malignant brain cancer, according to a close family friend.

Said the source: “Majestik has said he only has four to six months to live. He said he had a team of eight or nine specialists, and he’s actually living at Katherine’s compound.

“She’s taking care of him. His medical bill so far was up to $1.6 million, and she’s picking up the tab for it.”

Katherine also arranged for Majestik to receive treatment at the Adventist Medical Center in Glendale, Calif., said the source.

Majestik was introduced to the late King of Pop by Muhammad Ali in the mid-1990s, and became one of the “Billie Jean” singer’s most vocal supporters during his 2005 trial when Michael faced four counts of molesting a 13-year-old boy.

The magician was frequently seen in court with the Jackson family, and blasted the charges against the superstar singer as a conspiracy.

After Michael was acquitted, Majestik told CNN he wasn’t surprised because “I know his character. I know he would not hurt a child.”

In a last-ditch bid to beat the cancer, Majestik is trying to get into an experimental program at Duke University where brain tumors are infected with poliovirus, according to the source, who added: “The magician is on the waiting list. He’s just a good-hearted guy.”