Mike Walker

Katherine Heigl’s Terrifying Teen Fan

Actress insulted by age insinuation!

katherine heigl teen fan insult
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Katherine Heigl birthed a baby boy in December, but she’s still a stunner — and was staggered when a teenage girl spotted her on the street, yelling that she’d just started watching “Grey’s Anatomy” reruns, then gushed, “OH, WOW — you look just like Izzie! Are you her MOM?” … OUCH!!

Katherine Heigl Career Crisis

Giggled my spy-witness: “Katherine, who played knockout ‘Dr. Izzie Stevens’ on the long-running medical drama until seven years ago, went into total shock and wailed, ‘That’s about the worst thing you can say to an actress — it really hurt! That girl actually thought I was my own character’s MOTHER!’”