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Katherine Heigl Career Crisis

One more show after a controversial career!

Katherine Heigl career blacklist new show
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Hollywood’s giving Katherine Heigl yet another shot at redemption after her NBC series “State of Affairs” limped to cancelation last year!

This time the notorious former “Grey’s Anatomy” diva — whose career initially flourished after bailing from the ABC medical drama to become a movie star — is coming back in the one-hour CBS drama “Doubt.”

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“This is Katherine’s last gasp at reviving her TV career,” dishes an industry insider. “She’s had shows on all three major networks — and in TV, like baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out!”

“Doubt” originally starred KaDee Strickland from the “Grey’s” spin-off “Private Practice.”

Industry insiders are mum on her departure, but one said: “It’s a huge break for Katherine.”

No kidding — it’s a big step up from the recent commercials shilling for Cat’s Pride kitty litter and Vicks ZzzQuil that the once-sought-after Katherine has been doing to pay the bills!

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Before her new gig, the 37-year-old beauty admitted: “I was feeling completely like the biggest piece of sh*t on the bottom of your shoe.”

But she’s got a new life — and Hollywood loves a happy ending!