Kate Middleton’s Hair Cut By Royal Decree


Kate Middleton’s battle with the older royals is getting hairy!

Now palace spies say that Kate’s hairstyle has been put on the chopping block!

Mike Walker had the scoop back in October when Queen Elizabeth cattily told Prince William that Kate should quit dying her hair!

Now court insiders have said the Duchess of Cambridge has been forced to slowly cut back her long flowing locks to look less youthful and more royal!

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Camilla Parker-Bowles has been feuding with the young princess over who would be the true power behind the throne.

ENQUIRER reporters have even revealed how Kate has been stressed out to the point of anorexia!

Now there’s another big change, as Kate’s shorn her locks for a look meant to show Queen Elizabeth that she’s serious about representing the Crown!

“We’ve all talked about how Kate has changed to a more mature hairstyle since Wimbledon,” said a London stylist to the stars.

“She did it gradually — probably so she wouldn’t look like she was doing it for anyone but herself.

“But with Camilla as her competition, nobody doubts that Kate was really out to please the Queen!”