Kate Middleton Strikes Back!

Kate middleton short

Prince William’s fed-up wife Kate Middleton is launching a counter-attack against evil Camilla Parker Bowles to prove SHE’s the one with the right stuff to be the next Queen of England!

Part of the young mother’s plan is to take a high-profile approach to championing children’s causes — but first Kate has to overcome her crushing fear of public speaking, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“William and Kate have hired a speech coach to help her get over her nervousness,” said an insider.

“On the few times she’s given a public address, she’s come off as stiff and unsure of herself.

“But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hit on the idea of hiring a professional after watching a DVD of their favorite movie, ‘The King’s Speech,’ over and over again.”

The 2010 Oscar-winning flick details the battle of William’s great-grandfather, King George VI, against a terrible stammer.

The king, played by Colin Firth, overcame his problem with help from speech and language therapist Lionel Logue, who was portrayed by Geoffrey Rush.

“William told his wife if the Queen’s father managed to beat his affliction, it should be easy for her to learn how to skillfully engage the public,” the source said.

“Officials refuse to comment on whether Kate’s been seeing a voice coach, but it’s believed she’s been working with a well-regarded stage actor,” claimed the royal insider.

“It won’t be long before she has the confidence of a seasoned performer!”

In another move to prove she’s ready to take on more royal duties with her husband, the couple will embark on a tour of India in the spring, 24 years after William’s parents, Charles and Diana, visited the country in 1992.

“The trip is significant because in the official announcement the statement reads in part, ‘The visit is being taken at the request of Her Majesty’s Government,'” dished the spy.

“That’s quite an endorsement, and must have Camilla worried that the fight for the throne isn’t over yet.

“Everything has been well thought out. When Charles and Diana were in India, the Princess was poignantly photographed sitting alone on a stone bench in front of the Taj Mahal.

“It was seen as symbolic of cracks in her marriage. Cunning Camilla was coming between Charles and his wife.

“But this time, William and Kate will be photographed together in the same spot.

“It will remind the public of what a homewrecker Camilla is — and how William and Kate are a couple for life!”

Insiders said they hope ailing Queen Elizabeth will reconsider her decision to make Charles and Camilla the next King and Queen.

“Her Majesty had wanted William and Kate to take over,” said the insider.

“But she changed her mind after a secret report revealed the public felt the young royals weren’t ready.

“Kate is prepared to take on more and more prominent duties as long as they don’t interfere with raising her young children, George and Charlotte — and, hopefully, the next few months will prove everyone wrong!”