KATIE HOLMES is causing a racket at daughter Suri’s tennis lessons and the other moms are LIVID!

Taking a page from her former hubby’s playbook, the former Mrs. Tom Cruise has had the parents of other kids in the group program banned from watching the classes, say sources, because she doesn’t want anyone staring at Suri or snapping her picture.

But that means they’re unable to watch their own kids play.

“We’re expected to wait in an area of the club without a direct view of the court, or prefer­ably, outside,” said one parent. “They basically want us to dis­appear from sight for an hour until the lesson is finished.”

 Seven-year-old Suri has been taking a beginners’ tennis class with approximately 20 other children at the Manhattan Pla­za Racquet Club every Monday since March. And the trouble started almost immediately, say other parents. They believe Katie used her celebrity status to make sure no one would be able to ogle her precious offspring.

“Katie’s uppity, better-than-thou attitude has really left a bitter taste with the rest of us,” groused one angry mom.

Another added: “She probably got ticked off when she saw some people taking photos and videotaping the class with their smart phones. But they were pointing the devices at their own kids, not Suri.”

Some of the parents are so unhappy they’re considering pulling their children from the program.

“We hope the club decides to do the right thing,” said the first mom. “If everyone quits, Suri won’t have anyone left to hit the ball with.”