KHLOE KARDASHIAN scored a slam dunk when she was asked to co-host “The X Factor” – but the prospective gig has left her hoops-playing hubby Lamar Odom feeling like he’s been fouled!


According to insiders, Lamar, 32, is in­censed that 28-year-old Khloe is going back on her word to dedicate this year to starting a family and supporting his NBA comeback in Los Angeles.

“Khloe told Lamar that this was going to be his time – she even agreed to put the third season of their reality show on hold so he could concentrate on getting his confidence back on the bas­ketball court,” said a source.

In April, Lamar was listed as “inactive” with the Dallas Mavericks and did not play for the remainder of the season. But he got another shot when he was traded to the L.A. Clippers in June.

“Khloe promised that his career would be the priority,” continued the insider. “She also agreed that they would spend more time to­gether in an attempt to have a baby.

“They’ve been trying for three years without any luck. And Khloe’s been gung-ho about al­ternative conception methods – including IVF.

“But now she is going to be totally consumed with ‘The X Factor,’ and he’ll be spending a lot of time on the road with the Clippers. So they’ll see less of each other than ever.”

The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary on Sept. 27, but now friends say there’s so much tension between them that they may not make it an­other year.

In an interview earlier this year, Khloe insisted that women should “put [their] husband first,” and added that “part of being married is knowing when your hus­band needs your support.”

But when Simon Cowell asked Khloe to be co-host on “The X Factor’s” second season with “Extra” hunk Mario Lopez, she seemed quick to put Lamar’s needs on the back burner. She’s been telling pals the offer was simply “too good” to turn down.

“It will bring her huge expo­sure, a large paycheck and make her an even bigger name,” noted the insider.

“Lamar is really hurt and angry. He can’t help feeling be­trayed by Khloe’s decision to spend more time on her career than on his. It’s like she’s choosing money over love.”