KHLOE KARDASHIAN may have thought the worst of her marital troubles were behind her, but now her world is being torn apart by rumors that hubby Lamar Odom is secretly GAY!

A video posted on a gossip website on Nov. 22 shows the former L.A. Lakers star and his best pal Jamie Sangouthai performing a rap duet while both are standing bare-chested in a bathroom.

Lamar, who admitted to being drunk when he filmed the video, can be heard slurring as he raps: “And when Khloe’s out of town, I still be on the DL.” That’s short for “on the down-low,” a slang reference popular in the black community for a man who acts straight but lives a secret gay lifestyle.

The internet exploded with comments about the possible hidden meaning of the video, with one viewer calling it “homosexual gangsta crack rap.” Others suggest that Lamar and Jamie are MORE than just friends.

“Khloe is devastated,” disclosed a family insider. “She thought things were getting better, but now she’s being slammed with rumors that Lamar is gay.

“She never understood why Lamar lost interest in having sex with her earlier this year, but if he’s living a secret gay life, that could explain it.”

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Khloe’s world exploded this past summer when two women revealed they had steamy affairs with Lamar, who’s also reportedly struggled with a crack cocaine addiction. As The ENQUIRER reported, Khloe, 29, was in a panic over the danger Lamar’s behavior posed, and her family urged her to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. And The ENQUIRER recently reported that Lamar, 34, is demanding $10 million from Khloe to end the four-year marriage – or else he’ll reveal damaging secrets about the Kardashian family.

For now, Khloe is just praying that she won’t have to face another embarrassing scandal.

“Khloe is totally supportive of the gay community, but it would be just too much to take to learn that her husband was living a lie with her,” added the source. “Unfortunately, nothing would surprise her at this point.”