The KARDASHIAN clan is at war – and falling apart fast! First, KIM’s shock­ing split from basketball pro KRIS HUMPHRIES after 72 days of matrimony – and now her parents BRUCE and KRIS JENNER’s marriage is crumbling, say sources.
The ENQUIRER has learned that the 20-year union of reality TV’s most famous mom and pop – former Olympian Bruce and manager/show producer Kris – is on the rocks and both of them are ready to throw in the towel.
They’ve been battling over ev­erything from money to how to raise their offspring.
Bruce is tired of Kris making work her priority instead of family, and Kris can’t stand Bruce spending time and money on his expensive hobbies like golf and motorcycle riding, say sources.
The couple is even taking sides in daughter Kim’s explosive divorce battle with her estranged husband.
Incredibly, Kris, 56, has report­edly demeaned her sports hero husband by putting him on an allowance, and an insider reveals that the glamorous family has now become “totally fractured.”
Family insiders say that while Kris is currently touting her mar­riage as perfect during her tour to promote her memoir “Kris Jen­ner…and All Things Kardashian,” and she and Bruce have been sit­ting together in the audience of “Dancing with the Stars” cheering on her son Robert Kardashian Jr., the truth is that the relationship is in jeopardy.
“Bruce and Kris have reached the biggest impasse in their marriage yet,” declared a close source.
One problem is that former Olympic champion Jenner – who’s been married three times – has a chameleon-like personality, say sources. He is kind, caring and con­siderate early in his marriages, but eventually his personality changes.
In 1972, Bruce wed his college sweetheart Chrystie Crownover, and at first they seemed like a gold­en couple. But their once-fairytale marriage blew up in 1980.
“Bruce changed,” said the close  source. “He was always on the road, concentrating on sports marketing, public speaking and a variety of hobbies, including car rac­ing.
“He played the star on the Wheaties box to the hilt and ran away from family life, be­coming an absentee husband and father. In fact, he split with Chrystie while she was pregnant with their second child.”
Bruce began dating sec­ond wife Linda Thompson Elvis’ former girlfriend – in 1980 while still married to Chrystie.
“Linda loved his charis­matic, golden-boy image, and they had a blast going out together,” said the source.
But the marriage – which lasted from 1981 to 1985 and produced two sons, Brandon, 30, and reality star Brody, 28 – crumbled when the super-athlete once again made little time for his wife and kids, said the source.
“Just like in his first union, Bruce changed,” the source noted. “He was consumed with traveling and promot­ing and was no longer atten­tive.”
An exasperated Linda de­scribed their union as “a great relationship – but not a marriage.”
Repeating his pattern, “Bruce is now changing with Kris,” observed the source.
Ironically, the change may have been triggered by Kris’ astute management of the family’s careers and their hit reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”
It’s given Bruce the time and luxury to immerse him­self in work, golf and even flying toy helicopters. Bruce is the sweetest guy in the world but isn’t as laid back as he was in the begin­ning of his marriage to Kris.
“Bruce has started stand­ing up for himself, insists Kris cut back on her work and is spending more time away from the house to enjoy time by himself,” charged the source.
“He now wants a life away from the TV craziness. As a result, he and Kris are at a crisis point in their marriage.
“He loved being a team with her in the early days of their marriage, but there seems little hope for reviv­ing that between his outside interests and her managing and running the Kardashian empire 24-7.
“They are at a breaking point in the relationship.”