KANYE WEST warns KRIS HUMPHRIES to “man up” and settle his divorce from KIM KARDASHIAN ASAP  — OR ELSE! Tale of the tape in love war!

“I’m gonna have words with Kris – we need to get this over,” the multi-Grammy winner report­edly told a pal. “It’s gone on long enough!”

The 5-foot-9 rapper is furious at how distraught his new girlfriend Kim is over her slow-moving di­vorce from the 6-foot-9 hoopster.

A demoralized Kim, 31, recently spent three hours with her lawyer, Laura Wasser, forming a battle plan after Kris’ legal team requested more time to prepare their charges of fraud against the reality show star. Kris, 27, is reportedly refusing to sign the divorce papers unless Kim admits she married him only to boost her TV ratings.

An insider said that Kanye, 34, called Humphries and demanded that the towering athlete meet with him, but it’s no slam dunk that his macho challenge to Kris to “have it out with him” will materialize anytime soon.

“Kanye said, ‘You’re hanging everything up, man. We need to talk!’” the insider revealed.

“Kris said he would meet with him, but no time was set. He’s probably brushing Kanye off.”

Now the no-nonsense hip-hop great is crying “foul” against the pro basketball player.

“He’s had enough,” said the in­sider. “Kanye is outraged that Kim is always upset and talking about her divorce.

“His protective instincts have kicked in, and he doesn’t care if he’s a foot shorter than Kris. He wants to have it out with him and tell him to stop this stupid situation.

“He thinks Kris should just walk away and move on with his life.”

In early June, Kim and Kris are scheduled to give depositions in the divorce case, said the insider. Humphries’ lawyer is insisting that the reality TV queen be de­posed first, but their lawyers are still scrapping over whether or not it will be videotaped. Kim doesn’t want her divorce documented for the public.

“Kanye is not afraid to take on someone twice his size,” noted another close source.

“It’s going to be brutal if it goes to trial, and it’s no wonder Kim’s in tears at night.”