Rob Shuter

Justin’s Secret Rehearsals For Super Bowl

Timberlake preps for halftime blowout on forgotten Jersey stage!

justin timberlake super bowl halftime
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Justin Timberlake is putting together his Super Bowl halftime show far from prying eyes — except The National ENQUIRER’s!

“Justin has rented the Izod Center in New Jersey to rehearse,” sources said.

“It’s the perfect place for him to hide from the media, and put together a show in total secrecy.”

Justin’s ‘Made Peace’ With Janet Jackson — But Not Her Fans!

The cavernous Center, once home to the NBA’s Nets and NHL’s Devils, exists largely as a remote rehearsal space for arena acts, and its presence in what Bruce Springsteen fondly described as “the swamps of Jersey” ensures relative privacy for surprise guests.

Insiders revealed NSYNC will not reunite for the big show, and that Janet Jackson will not be in the building, but The ENQUIRER will let you know if Lance Bass is spotted in Jersey!