Dental Damage!

Justin Timberlake Grinding His Teeth Away Over Nerves

Entertainer's choppers taking the brunt of his stress!

justin timberlake
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Justin Timberlake may be one of the world’s hottest entertainers, but his chompers won’t win any awards — thanks to years spent grinding his teeth!

A confidant close to the heartthrob confessed that Justin’s pearly whites are now “totally rectangular in shape” — and his dental damage will only get worse if he doesn’t take action!

“He used to [grind his teeth] only in his sleep,” the pal told The National ENQUIRER. “But now it’s all the time as his stress levels explode. He’s juggling daddy duties with the demands of his film, TV and music careers. He’s very wound up at the moment and has a lot riding on his next flick, ‘Wonder Wheel.’”

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Adding to the pop star’s woes are the self-inflicted pressure of being a perfectionist and wife Jessica Biel pushing him for another baby — even though their son, Silas, is still in diapers!

“Jess is used to his insane workaholic ways — but she does worry about his stress levels and blood pressure,” the friend disclosed. “His teeth grinding has gotten to the stage that she wants him to wear a mouth guard at night — because he’s woken her up by grinding his teeth together!”

Added the pal, “His teeth look like chewing-gum tablets.”