Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Get Their Kicks From Karate

Justin theroux jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, 44, are battering each other into shape — literally!

The super-fit couple, who tied the knot in August after four years of dating, has become obsessed with martial arts workouts, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

“They’ve become great sparring partners,” an insider revealed. “Jen’s been into Budokon for years, and she and Courteney (Cox) used to do classes with well-respected martial arts teacher Cameron Shayne.

“Jen swears by it for upper body strength and cardio — and Justin’s really into it now, too. It’s fast becoming an obsession for them.” 

The actress, 46, is even talking about having one of the rooms in their Bel-Air home turned into a dojo studio, according to the source.

“Jen’s been into martial arts for years. She’s been urging Justin to try it with her for a long time, but he was reluctant because he hated the idea of hurting her,” added the insider. “But since he tried these new routines he’s become as hooked as Jen!

“Justin says it’s a turn-on to be married to someone so fit and feisty as Jen. He says they’ve had some of the most passionate nights after their martial arts workouts, when they’re all sweaty and in the zone.”