Mike Walker

Ben Affleck’s Batmania Leaves Lois Lane Exposed

'Justice League' Spoiler Warning — as things get hot on set!

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Mike Walker Reports… Holy Hooters, Batman! Just exposed (or is it “racked up?”) this sexy superhero scoop — In the upcoming “Justice League” blockbuster, hottie Amy Adams — as star reporter Lois Lane — makes out big-time in a sizzling scene with a caped hunk who’s not Superman!

It’s Batman, the Caper Crusader himself — played by Ben Affleck — who got so hot and heavy with the redhead, he literally ripped off her blouse!

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Said My On-Set Spy: “The two were getting hot and heavy under the lights when Amy’s silky blouse suddenly got caught on Bat Guy’s chest of armor plate and . . . RIP!

“When he suddenly stepped back, the front of Amy’s blouse came with him!”

Amy’s headlights briefly lit up the stage as stagehands, actors and execs gaped — and she fled for her dressing room! Folks, do not tell Superman, OK?