Just How Fake Are The Kardashians? Like, Totally!

Even the palatial exterior of the K-Klan manse as shown on TV is fake – it’s not their home!

For more than six years, the Kardashians have been welcoming viewers into their home — sort of. 

The uber-deluxe mansion seen on recent eps of the “reality” showis  a fake! 

Kris Jenner and her cohorts have been lying to fans actually living in an entirely different — and much less glamorous – mansion from the one that viewers  actually see, RadarOnline.com reported.

The address featured in exterior shots on the show is home to an Italiante Calabasas mansion that recently went on the market for $6 million — and the Kardashians are NOT the sellers.

As for the fact that they’ve been hiding the true facade of their home from fans for years, the source says, “No one thought it was a big deal!”

The trick is nothing new to creators of fictional TV & movies – showing a more exciting façade to hide the studio “fake” interior.

Just like the Kardashians!