Julia Roberts‘ three-year marriage to cameraman Danny Moder is on the rocks. Sources say the couple have been spending more and more time apart since the birth of their twins almost a year ago.

Now, amid constant fighting, they plan to live apart — and friends fear it could destroy their relationship forever!

Sources close to the couple told The National Enquirer the pressures of parenthood have put an intolerable strain on their marriage, which began so promisingly with an Independence Day wedding in 2002.

Their sex life is believed to have suffered, say insiders, and Danny has objected to the way his Oscar-winning wife calls the shots at home over everything from kids to careers.

“There is something wrong and neither wants to talk about it,” said a source very close to the pair.

“Danny is distant and Julia wants to be on her own. I think something is definitely amiss.” Pretty Woman star Julia, 38, has been spending more time with the children at her $5 million ranch in Taos, New Mexico — while her husband has remained in Los Angeles.

Now she intends to live in their New York apartment with the twins while she appears in a Broadway play. In the meantime, Danny, 36, will stay in Malibu, California, and oversee multi-million dollar renovations to their ocean-view home.

The sources say tension has been brewing in the marriage since son Phinnaeus and daughter Hazel were born last November.

“Julia and Danny love each other deeply, but the pressures of a new family have pulled them apart,” said the family friend. “They hope that by spending some time apart they will get their marriage exactly back on track.

“So while Julia is in rehearsal in New York for her Broadway play, Three Days Of Rain, Danny will be all the way across the country in Malibu. That way, he can also surf to his heart’s content and look for film work at the same time. Julia really loves those children, but she hasn’t been working as hard as she’d probably like on movies, which is very new to her. It’s been a tough year.”

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