Superstar JULIA ROBERTS buys her kids second hand clothing! What’s up with THAT?!

JULIA ROBERTS may get a $20-million-per-picture paycheck, but she’s still a die-hard bargain hunter whenit comes to clothes.

Instead of buying her three kids the latest designer duds like other celebrity parents, Julia prefers “gently used” threads from the local thrift store!

“Julia loves hitting the Good­will and consignment stores in New Mexico and Arizona,” said a close source. “She’ll go almost any­where in search of a good deal!”

When Julia, her husband Danny Moder, and their three kids – twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 7, and Henry, 4 – are at the family’s ranch in Taos, Julia often piles the clan into the car to head off to Santa Fe and Albu­querque in search of a great buy.

“Heck, she’s been known to travel all the way to Tucson for a weekend of shopping at second-hand stores,” the source continued. “She refers to the clothes as ‘gen­tly used,’ ‘previously owned’ or, her favorite term, ‘vintage.’

“She’ll come home from an outing at a thrift store with her armful of clothes for the kids and happily ex­claim, ‘Look what I got for just ten bucks!’”

And Julia – who recently portrayed the Evil Queen in the Snow White remake “Mirror Mirror” – isn’t above wearing secondhand clothing, either.

The 44-year-old once reportedly fell for a floral-print dress she spot­ted in the window of a thrift shop in downtown Santa Fe, but realized she’d left her wallet in the car when she went to pay for it. So the fru­gal film star took off her jeans and swapped them for the frock!