Julia Roberts’ Nutjob Sis-In-Law In Chilling Threat To Neighbors!

Big-screen beauty Julia Roberts is caught in a terrifying nightmare over scary threats by her alcohol-addled sister-in-law!

Boozy bully Jyl Moder warned next-door neighbors in Palm Desert, Calif., she would harm them if they didn’t butt out of her life!

Terrified, they slapped Jyl, 49, and her live-in fiancé — who got into a violent, liquor-fueled fracas earlier this year — with a temporary restraining order.

The ugly incident has triggered even more turmoil in Julia’s already troubled 13-year marriage to Jyl’s brother, Danny Moder, sources said.

“Julia is fed up with Jyl’s bizarre, boozy behavior,” explained a source close to Julia and Danny. “This has been an issue with her for years now, and it hasn’t gotten any better. Julia says she’s ‘sick and tired’ of trying to help clean up the Moders’ messes.

“It’s driven a real wedge between her and Danny.”

The couple have fought furiously over Danny’s troubled big sis, who’s bounced in and out of rehab and been busted three times on DUI charges.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER, Jyl’s latest incident involved her writing a note to her neighbors that read: “Mind your own business! Or I’ll get in yours. Do not call our families!”

The note also included a picture of what appeared to be a car running over two stick people.

The documents further claimed Jyl’s fiancé — 58-year-old punk rocker Blaine Chaney — threw garbage onto neighbors’ property.

The pair admitted to a police officer they made the death threat, but the officer noted the couple were highly intoxicated at the time.

As The ENQUIRER exclusively reported, Jyl was also busted for domestic violence after she got into a fight with her fiancé on July 20.

She grinned for the camera in her mug shot and was jailed in Indio, Calif., where she was held on $50,000 bail after allegedly battering Blaine following an argument.

According to the California penal code, such charges mean she “willfully inflicted corporal injury” that left her victim in a “traumatic condition.”

A former neighbor of Jyl’s confirmed Danny, 46, had been to his sister’s home, and he appeared to be trying to help his troubled sister out.

But the source said Danny’s Oscar-winning wife, 47, always kept her distance, adding: “Julia Roberts will have nothing to do with them.”

Jyl has carried a serious grudge against Julia for years, believing Danny’s affair with the Hollywood star contributed to their mother, Patti, having a fatal heart attack in 2001, sources said.

“Jyl even called Julia ‘the devil’ at a family wedding!” an insider told The ENQUIRER. But Jyl isn’t the only member of the Moder clan who’s on Julia’s blacklist.

The “Pretty Woman” star got fed up with helping Danny’s dad — retired film exec Mike Moder, 79 — pay his mortgages.

After an ugly row, she forced him to sell two homes, sources said.

“Julia said she doled out millions of dollars in mortgage payments for Mike. She helped him out for at least five years, and she got tired of footing the bill,” added an insider.

In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Jyl insisted she’s quit drinking — and apologized for her liquored-up antics.

“I’m in recovery,” she said. “They dropped the charges against me. My fiancé and I are doing better, and I’m mending fences with my brother and Julia.

“She’s a great wife and a great mother, and I want their marriage to be okay.”