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Julia Roberts’ Diet Gives Her Husband Heartburn

Controlling actress puts entire family on detox plan!

julia roberts diet marriage scandals

Julia Roberts’ marriage to cameraman Danny Moder is already a sham since she booted him to a separate home on their family compound.

Now, the Pretty Woman’s driving her hubby even farther away with her ditzy new weight-loss fad!

The 50-year-old beauty packed on pounds to play a frumpy mom in her flick “Ben Is Back.” She’s started trying to shed them by putting their kids — along with their dad — on her detox diet when he joins them for family meals.

“She’s demanding they eat only fruits and veggies, raw nuts and seeds,” said an insider. “Tofu and tempeh are okay, but no meat, dairy, sugar or processed goodies are allowed.”

Besides being tasteless and a bit skimpy for a hunk like Danny, the diet’s also triggering mood swings in Julia that are driving him up a wall.

“When she’s detoxing, she’s basically a crazed hungry person and irritable,” noted the tattletale — adding that Danny can’t even “sneak out for a taco, because Julia actually smells his breath when he gets back and pitches a fit!”