Mike Walker

Julia Roberts: Pretty Nice Woman!

The ‘bitch’ myth dies right here, right now.

Julia Roberts Is Not A Bitch — She Is Nice

PRETTY (NICE?) WOMAN?! Go Google “Julia Roberts reputation” and words like “bitch … nasty …rude … dismissive …” explode like firecrackers, perpetuating the long-held Hollywood myth that milady’s mile-wide smile masks a monster.

It’s a rep that REALLY escalated when Julia’s half-sister, Nancy Motes, tweeted just before she died, an abandoned drug addict, in 2014: “Just so you all know — America’s Sweetheart is a B***H!”

Now brace for this hush-hush scoop, revealed by My Pretty Secret Source: “Say what you will about Julia, as she stepped up the ladder of Hollywood success, she’s never forgotten the insiders — people left in the wake of her rocket rise to stardom. So every year on their birthdays, Julia gifts former reps — about a dozen agents, managers, publicists, assistants, etc. — with all-expenses-paid gifts of one week at a luxury spa! She’s done this for years as a statement that their work will never, ever be forgotten!”

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Pretty nice, woman!