You’ll wonder where the cellulite went as JULIA keeps hubby’s eye from wandering with hush-hush “marriage insurance”.

 NOW that bikini season is in full swing, Julia Roberts is mak­ing sure she’s the only “Pretty Woman” to catch her hunky hubby’s eye.

The 45-year-old Oscar-winner star has been visiting a Malibu “cellulite specialist” to zap her unsightly problem areas, says a source. – and to keep husband Danny Moder’s eyes focused on her!

“JULIA is determined NOT to turn into a flabby, cov­ered-up, stroller-pushing, jeans-wearing housewife,” a pal told The ENQUIRER. “Danny is a fitness freak, and one of her biggest fears is that he will be checking out hot bikini babes on the beach while she hides under an um­brella. That’s why Julia’s been getting cellulite treatment. It’s nonsurgical, takes about an hour, and it keeps her skin looking smooth and tight.”

The still-stunning “Erin Brockovich” beauty and mother of three, who celebrated her 11th wedding anniver­sary with cameraman Danny on July 4, regularly visits Malibu’s Veronica’s Skin and Body Care spa.

There, she’s treated with an electronic “fat buster” device that uses acoustic impulses to break down lumpy ar­eas under the skin, says the source.

The one-hour ses­sions can cost up to $300, with most patients undergoing six to nine treatments.

While Julia trusts Danny, 44, the pal says she worries because he left his first wife Vera for her, and she doesn’t want that to hap­pen to her.

“Julia still has an amazing body, but it’s because she works hard at it,” added the source. “She says, ‘If Dan­ny can have six-pack abs, then I can have a cellulite-free, rocking body.

“She calls it her ‘marriage insur­ance.’”