Secret Message!

Julia Roberts Bares Her Feet — As A Message To True Love Lyle Lovett

Toe-curling obsession for her first husband!

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Julia Roberts is sending secret messages to ex-husband Lyle Lovett — hoping to reunite with the country star, insiders said!

The 48-year-old actress is at a crossroads with spouse of nearly 14 years Danny Moder, and sources say she wants to be rescued.

An insider claims Julia even sent an SOS to Lyle by going barefoot on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet — just like she did at their 1993 wedding.

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“That was a coded message that was impossible for Lyle to miss. Julia knew the pictures would be everywhere — and they were,” a spy told The National ENQUIRER.

“There was no way Lyle could see those pictures and not think about his wedding and their love affair.”

Julia and Lyle were only married from 1993 to 1995. But they never fell out of love, says another mole, and “a secret rendezvous may be in the offing” when the Texan singer plays in L.A. on July 10!

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Lyle has been with former assistant April Kimble for more than a decade, and the snitch says Julia would never try to bust that up: “That’s why she left it in Lyle’s court, with her barefoot act in France.”

A source also claims Julia’s mother preferred Lyle, “who she found to be a joy and a gentleman” compared to Danny.

Sounds like the perfect time for the angel-faced actress and her angle-faced ex to sing a new tune!