SHOCKING NEW DETAILS in the horrific cold case murder of JONBENET RAMSEY!

JonBenet Ramsey’s brother Burke has led police to two blockbuster clues in the long-unsolved murder of the 6-year-old beauty queen – a murder weapon and a knife left behind by the killer.

And The ENQUIRER has exclusively uncovered never-released details of the police interview that revealed the blockbuster information.

The questioning occurred in 1998 when Burke was 11, and Boulder cops recently asked JonBenet’s brother, now 23, and a Purdue graduate, if they could interview him again.
"Burke loved JonBenet, and he may still help solve this horrible crime," said an insider.

In 1998, Burke was questioned for six hours over three days by a police psychologist on behalf of cops probing JonBenet’s murder. The little girl was strangled and beaten to death in her Boulder home on Christmas night 1996.

Until now, the information revealed by Burke in those sessions has remained secret.

Watching the interviews through a one-way mirror were detectives and Burke’s mom, Patsy. At times Burke was playful, making faces at the hidden camera when the psychologist was out of the room. But he did not duck any questions.

"Burke was shown a photo of a metal baseball bat," an investigation insider told The ENQUIRER. "It was found on the north side of the Ramsey home. Fibers were on the bat that came from a carpet near the basement room where JonBenet’s body was found.

"Burke calmly said it was not his bat. He identified his bat in another photo. The bat did not belong to any neighbor kids.

"Police now felt they had the weapon that was used to fracture JonBenet’s skull and that the killer exited the home on the north side of the house, through the so-called butler’s kitchen."

Burke was then asked about a Swiss Army knife found in the basement room where JonBenet’s body was discovered by their father John. Police believe the knife was used to cut a rope the killer used to form a noose and strangle the child.

Ramsey housekeeper Linda Hoffmann-Pugh had told police the knife belonged to Burke, but she was wrong.

"Burke revealed he had two pocket knives, one which had his name imprinted on it. He said both knives were at home. Cops felt the knife they found at the crime scene was likely left by the killer."

During the interview, Burke defended his parents, saying they never spanked him or abused his pretty sister, a participant in child beauty pageants.

The psychologist did ask Burke a series of questions designed to show whether he had violent tendencies. With his answers, he convinced investigators that he had nothing to do with his sister’s death.

"He was asked what he would do if a dog chased him," said the insider. "Would he kick it? Burke said he’d just throw the dog a bone to chase instead."

Burke now lives on his own in Atlanta and is a computer technician. He has so far declined to be re-interviewed by Boulder police.

But cops are hoping he changes his mind – and that somewhere buried in his memory is the key to unlocking the vexing mystery of JonBenet’s murder.

Neither of JonBent’s parents were considered suspect by law enforcement authorities.