Was JonBenet Ramsey Killed By A Close Family Connection?

‘The Killing of JonBenet’ podcast explores new possibilities.

Was JonBenet Ramsey Killed By A Close Family Connection?

After all this time, could JonBenét Ramsey’s killer be someone who once pretended to be a family friend?

On the latest episode of the podcast, “The Killing of JonBenét: The Final Suspects,” a team of investigators explore the link between two businessmen and John Ramsey.

Among his other business interests, John was an investor in “Pasta Jay’s”, a popular Boulder pizza restaurant, run by his friend Jay Elowsky.

John and Jay were said to be close good friends, and it was more than a simple business relationship. The Ramsey family were regulars at the restaurant, and even ate there on the Christmas Eve before JonBenet was murdered. In the days after her death, Elowsky put John and Patsy up at his place so they could get of privacy away from the media scrum.

JonBenet Ramsey — Secrets Of Suspect’s Lost Interrogation

But Elowsky’s desire to shield his friend from the press backfired on him.

“In 1997, Elowsky brandished a baseball bat at two men he thought were photographers who had been harassing Patsy – they turned out to simply be engineers, and in July of that year he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor menacing,” reporter Andy Tillett shares on the podcast.

That was only the beginning of Elowsky’s troubles. Two years after that incident, Elowsky became a suspect for the killing of JonBenet.

JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note IDs Her Killer

“So pretty much out of the blue, the authorities received a letter advising them to look into Jay Elowsky, claiming his handwriting was a match for the handwriting on the ransom note – with examples included,” Tillett continued.

The police looked into the claim, but Elowsky was ruled out very quickly, with a solid alibi that he was in Michigan the night of the murder.


“The Killing of JonBenét: The Final Suspects” podcast aires on Monday, February 10th.