Newly married Jonas Brother Kevin is going from music-making to baby-making!

The lanky 22-year-old married his sweetheart Danielle Deleasa, 23, on Dec. 19, and already the newlyweds are telling friends they’re starting a family.

The couple wants to have three children, says a close source – and they’d like the first one in  2010!

"Danielle is one of  three siblings, and Kevin comes from a big family, too, with three younger brothers," a family insider revealed.

"Kevin is inspired by his mom and dad – who married young and had kids early on."

Kevin, one-third of the squeaky-clean Disney  boy band, took a vow of chastity to remain a virgin until his wedding day. Now that he’s tied the knot, he’s serious about becoming a dad ASAP, say pals. He’s even picking out baby names!

"I want to have a daughter named Madison Grace," Kevin divulged.

One wonders is there’s a bun already in the oven.