Secret Surgery?

Jonah Hill Blasted As Weight-Loss Cheat

Lap band rumors swirl around newly skinny star!

Jonah hill weight loss surgery F

“Superbad” star Jonah Hill is a big, fat, weight loss cheat!

That’s the word whispered around Hollywood after the once-massive funnyman began sporting his new and suspiciously slimmed-down look.

“You never see the guy in the gym,” an insider spilled. “He claims to eat sensibly. But NOBODY drops that kind of weight without some kind of help.”

Sources insist that “help” came from a gastric lap band. As these before-and-after photos reveal, the five-foot-seven actor smashed the scales at a whopping 260 pounds, sources said.

Jonah Hill Reaches His Weight Limit

But 33-year-old Jonah is now down to a svelte 175 — and swimming in a football jersey that seemed way too huge for his radically reduced frame.

“The lap band wraps round the top of the stomach,” said weight loss expert and book author J.J. Flizanes. “It squeezes the stomach, reducing it in size and limiting the amount of food you eat. Its supposedly safer than gastric bypass surgery.”

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