Jonah Hill Tries Meditating To Lose Weight!

Jonah tries meditating to lose weight ne short

Desperate Jonah Hill has recruited a “fat whisperer” in a last-ditch bid to lose weight — and stay alive!

The bulge-battling “21 Jump Street” star, 31, recently tipped the scales at more than 300 pounds, and concerned pals aren’t laughing over jolly Jonah’s deadly diet of junk food and lack of exercise.

“Jonah’s tried everything to lose weight, but it just doesn’t seem to stick,” a source told The National ENQUIRER. “If anything, he ends up putting on even more weight!”

After years of falling off the diet wagon, Jonah’s finally getting help for his ballooning belly — by turning to a spiritual guru to help him shed more than 80 pounds.

“He’s hired a guy to put him on a 30-day cleanse,” the source said. “He comes to his house three times a week for workouts. Jonah’s also having various treatments that target stubborn spots.”

While the actor has always put on a brave face, being overweight has been a bitter pill to swallow.

After shedding 40 pounds in 2011 with a sushi-based, no-beer diet, the extra weight nevertheless found its way back home.

“Jonah got a lot of attention for his dramatic weight loss, but no one’s been brave enough to say a word to him about the ton of weight he’s packed back on!” the source noted. “They’re scared to upset him.”

But thanks to his new advisor, “Jonah’s convinced there are deeper reasons for his weight gain than just too many doughnuts,” the source said.

To that end, Jonah has even begun meditating with his guru.

The sessions have been designed to get to the “root of his emotional issues so that he can keep the weight off for good this time.”

He’s already lost 20 pounds, said the insider.

However, “Jonah’s got a long road ahead of him.”