With his divorce from Kate nearly finalized Jon‘s money problems are far from over! The one-time Hawaiian Eye for the Ladies avoided jail time thanks to a $90,000 loan from former GF Hailey Glassman BUT now she wants it ALL  back!

The ENQUIRER learned exclusively that Jon was so desperate for income after wife Kate accused him of pilfering money from their joint account against the orders of their divorce arbitrator. A Montgomery County, Pa., judge demanded the 32-year-old dad of eight return $180,000 – or face contempt charges.

Now, The ENQUIRER can reveal that a large portion of the repayment came from Hailey’s life savings – after the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star begged her for money, saying that he didn’t want his kids to see him in jail.

"Prior to the court order, Hailey heard the rumors that Jon took money out of the account," said a close pal. "But Jon told her that it was all lies."

But after the judge’s Oct. 13 order, Jon started singing a different tune.

"He came crying to Hailey, admitting that he did take money – but he said he believed he was entitled to it – as his paycheck," said the pal.

Jon insisted he no longer had the cash, explaining that he had used it to pay off the women who claimed to have had affairs with him because he was afraid the accusations would hurt him in his divorce battle.

Hailey was reluctant to lend Jon the $90,000 – money she’d saved since childhood from relatives, jobs she had worked and also from her Bat Mitzvah. But she relented when Jon told her his kids would be traumatized if he went to jail, says the pal.

"Jon promised to pay her back in full by January, but now he’s pleading for more time," continued the pal.

 "He figured he would be a big star by now, but thanks to his own erratic behavior, he has little or no prospect of employment.

"Now he’s asking Hailey if he can pay her back on an installment plan."

According to the pal, Hailey knows he’s lied to her before and can’t be trusted.

"If Jon doesn’t pay her back by the January deadline, she plans on taking action against him," added the pal.