Jon Cryer Charlie Sheen Tell All

JON CRYER and CHARLIE SHEEN could’ve been playing themselves on “Two and a Half Men” – with the renowned Hollywood wild man teaching his mild mannered co-star all about L.A.’s hottest hookers!

That’s just one of the amazing stories out of Jon’s new memoir, “So That Happened,” as the actor looks back at his mind-bending years on the hit CBS show!

“Charlie suggested a few online purveyors he occasionally used,” wrote the 49-year-old “Pretty in Pink” star, describing Charlie’s solution for Jon’s emotional turmoil after divorcing actress Sarah Trigger. “He and I had different tastes, so I didn’t go with his exact recommendations,” Jon added.

In the book Jon described in hilarious detail his encounters with escorts. “I went with an out-call for my first try, which means they come over to your house. My chosen vendor drove a white BMW and sported a sexy Finnish accent. It was really a very friendly experience, maybe because the act of having sex is quite the conversational icebreaker. “The next time, I went to her place, which probably wasn’t really her place. We sat down, tried to make small talk and halfheartedly stumbled into a conversation about recent fluctuations in the stock market,” the book revealed.

“If Charlie’s example of his evening’s entertainment was best exemplified by a snapshot of lady parts,” wrote Jon, “mine would be a picture of me hunched over a table of papers and telling a hot lady, ‘The real estate boom is building, you need to diversify.’ ”


Charlie’s wife Denise Richards once made an unexpected visit to the set – and Charlie rushed up to his co-star while pleading for him to hide a mysterious bag. Jon was actually relieved to find the bag only contained pornographic magazines. “I was prepared for the weirdest, but it really was all pretty tame – some of it just topless mags.”

Charlie had a habit of showing Jon pictures of women he dated – or at least their vaginas! “It was always a perfectly nice-looking vagina, but I would invariably think, ‘Why just this, and not the rest of the person?’ ”

 Jon broke up with a girlfriend after Charlie revealed he’d dated her first – and Jon asked about that breakup. “Charlie said, ‘Well, I wanted to bring another girl into bed with us, and she was not happy about that.’ And then he looked me straight in the eye and with no trace of irony, said, ‘So heads-up on that.’ ”

On the more serious side, Jon knew Charlie’s days on the show were numbered during its eighth year. His co-star was looking “gaunt, pale, sallow, [and] even sweaty occasionally” – and “started talking to himself.”