A crazed soldier disguised as Batman-nemesis The Joker was killed after attacking a fellow soldier, according to the FBI.

Suspect Army Spc. Christopher Lanum, wanted for questioning in the stabbing of a fellow soldier at Fort Eustis was killed by police in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia after officers tried to apprehend the suspect.

According to official FBI documents, Lanum not only idolized the anarchistic Bat-menace as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, the suspect was dressed in black pants and a green vest and made up in smiley face grease paint when he attacked Spc. Mitchell Stone  in the adjoining room.

Stone told EMT that Joker-Lanum had stabbed and used a stun gun in the attack.  He was treated for stab wounds and later released.

Joker-Lanum’s GF, Patsy Ann Marie Montowski, a passenger in the getaway van, was wounded in the police attack and later arrested as an accessory. 

Patsy told the FBI that Joker-Lanum had given her his shotgun and asked her to kill him but she refused.  Lanum then pointed the gun at cops and when he refused to drop the weapon was gunned down.

Montowski couldn’t give a reason for the attack on Stone and said her late boy friend idolized The Joker, a fact confirmed by investigators who found the soldier’s room covered with Joker artifacts – masks, statues, pin-ups. 

Traces of black and green make-up were found on his bureau as well.

FBI analysis of the Joker-soldier’s computer revealed that someone believed to be the suspect had been Google-ing for information on "sleeping gas."