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Johnny Depp Finds New Love On ‘Orient Express’

Smitten with much younger co-star!

johnny depp lucy boynton dating
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Johnny Depp has fallen hard for the British charms of 23-year-old Lucy Boynton on the set of their new movie, “Murder on the Orient Express,” an insider on the Maltese set revealed.

Johnny’s totally smitten with Lucy, who’s equally enthralled with the A-list star.

They’ve become a major twosome on the set and are flirting up a storm.

“They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from the set, and everyone’s convinced they’re hooking up,” said the insider to The ENQUIRER.

“Unlike his ex, Amber Heard, Lucy’s much more down to earth and doesn’t put up with his bad behavior so it should a good match!”

The source confessed, “It took Johnny a long time to recover after Amber, but he swears he’s ready to date again and says Lucy is the perfect girl for him right now.

She’s not fame or money-hungry like Amber was — and hasn’t once asked him to help with her acting career.

There’s a genuine fondness between them, and they love each other’s sense of humor and intellect.

“They’re taking this slowly and building a strong friendship, but the potential is definitely there for a serious romance.

Johnny adores her and says she’s the coolest chick he’s met in many years.”