JOHNNY DEPP’s former lover is warning “The LONE RANGER” star  not to marry bisexual girlfriend Amber Heard.

French thrush Vanessa Paradis, Johnny’s partner for 14 years before they split a year ago, is afraid that their two kids will grow too attached to Amber and get hurt when the relationship falls apart.

“Vanessa doesn’t care for Amber at all,” said a source.

“She’s convinced that Amber’s trying to get her hooks into Johnny and his money by getting him to propose.

“But Vanessa doesn’t believe it’s going to last, and that’s why she’s against Johnny marrying Amber. She thinks their kids will be crushed when the relationship goes south.”

Last July, The ENQUIRER reported that Vanessa, 40, slapped Johnny with an ultimatum, demanding that he keep Amber away from their children, Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11. But insiders say Johnny has already introduced the leggy actress to the kids.

Johnny, 50, and Amber, 27, met in 2009 on the set of their flick, “The Rum Diary,” and grew closer after Johnny dumped Vanessa in June 2012. Around the same time, Amber split with her girlfriend, Hawaiian-born artist Tasya van Ree.

Johnny and the bisexual blonde kept their affair quiet until recently, and they were spotted together on May 22 dining in West Hollywood with Rolling Stones rockers Keith Richards and Ron Wood.

Sources say Johnny seems to get a lot of “Satisfaction” from his new squeeze, but Vanessa thinks he’s just having a midlife crisis.

“Vanessa thinks he’s smitten because Amber’s so exotic and says he’ll grow tired of her,” added the source. “But before he does, he just might pop the question – and that’s the last thing Vanessa wants.”