The  family of music legend JOHNNY CASH has been ravaged by death, drugs and misery. AND an occult expert believes his descendants are cursed!

The startling claim comes on the heels of the latest in a long line of devastating incidents involving relatives of the late “Man in Black.”

John Carter Cash – Johnny’s only son and sole child with beloved wife June Carter – was arrested at a Canadian airport in Oct. 2014 for stripping down to his skivvies in public.

Police said the 44-year-old was blitzed on booze and spent a night in the drunk tank before being released without charges.

Previous Cash clan tragedies include Johnny’s eldest daughter, singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash, being stricken with a rare brain disease in 2007, and her daughter, Caitlin Crowell, battling addictions to speed, cocaine, meth and ecstasy.

Johnny’s stepdaughter, June’s youngest daughter, Rosey Nix Adams, died of carbon monoxide poisoning on a tour bus in 2003.

Another stepdaughter, June’s eldest daughter, Carlene Carter, was busted for drug possession in 2001 and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

Voodoo priestess Adriana Rojas thinks Johnny was either cursed by a rival, or made a deal with the devil for his amazing career.

“People want power and money, but everything in life has a price,” warned Adriana.

She believes the Cash family has been hit with a “generational curse,” but said it can be revoked.

“We’d have to do a ‘breaking,’ which is a ceremony almost like an initiation,” she explained. “They’d feed off the positive energy of their spirit sponsor, and finally break the chain!”