John Wayne’s Dirty Little Secret


What Hollywood legend MAUREEN O'HARA doesn't dare say about "The Duke" JOHN WAYNE!

In the very last scene of their classic love story The Quiet Man, red-headed temptress Maureen seductively whispers something into John Wayne's ear upon orders from the film's director her pal John Ford.

For decades no one has known exactly what she was told to say that made the former Marion Morrison flip.

In her memoirs, Maureen wrote she initially refused because she "couldn't possibly say THAT to Duke", but the wily director wanted a genuine shocked reaction from Wayne.

Finally, she agreed, insisting that the exact wording of the line NEVER be revealed.

"When you try to battle with John Ford, you have to give in, " Maureen admitted.  "Well there's one stipulation — that you will never tell anybody what it is that you demanded that I say.

"And, John Wayne will never tell. And the three of us made the deal."

She whispered the line, the Duke flipped and Ford had his fade out.

Years later, Larry King tried to weasel it out of O'Hara when she guested on his show.

"It was sexual  –or cursing — or both?" he probed.

"Little bit of both," Maureen replied.

To this day, the Irish born beauty, 93, has remained mum, keeping the mystery alive.

POP FYI: Maureen starred with John Wayne in no less than 5 movies: Rio Grande (1950), The Quiet Man (1952), The Wings of Eagles (1957), McLintock! (1963) and Big Jake (1971). The first three were directed by their mutual pal John Ford.