John Stamos Is ‘Full’ Of Anger

Buzz full of anger ne short

John Stamos can’t believe the Olsen twins can hold a grudge for 28 years!

Mary-Kate and Ashley, 29, are refusing to be part of the Netflix reboot of the series “Full House” – because John tried to get them fired from the show in 1987.

It’s a story John has laughed about in the past, recalling how the blonde cuties “cried a lot” and had a fed-up Uncle Jesse begging for a new twins to play young Michelle Tanner.

“They brought in a couple of unattractive redheaded kids,” said John. “We tried that for a while, and that didn’t work.”

Now John’s seriously angry that the former child stars won’t join the new “Fuller House.”

“When they were older and learned that, they never forgave John,” an insider said.

“The show became just a job to them – and they’re the only ones out of that entire cast who don’t talk regularly!”