John McCain Dead At 81

Proud 'maverick' succumbs to brain cancer after brave battle

john mccain dead obituary
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John McCain, the veteran senator and Republican nominee during the 2008 presidential run, has passed away at his Arizona home after a long battle with brain cancer.

His family had previously announced that he was discontinuing treatment and entering hospice after a health battle that began in July 2017.

A statement from McCain’s staffers read: “Senator John Sidney McCain III died at 4:28 pm on August 25, 2018. With the Senator when he passed were his wife Cindy and their family. At his death, he had served the United States of America faithfully for sixty years.”

McCain, who proudly presented himself as a “maverick” within political circles, had become a controversial figure in his final days — stopping a Republican vote to overturn the health-care law popularly known as “Obamacare” in one of his most memorable final turns in the Senate.

Cindy McCain went to social media to say: “My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the incredible adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years. He passed the way he lived, on his own terms, surrounded by the people he loved, in the place he loved best.”