Is notorious womanizer John Mayer going gay?

The folksy singer/songwriter was captured on video having a wild night at Toucans Tiki Lounge, a popular gay club in Palm Springs on Oct. 10.

And there was more than just dancing going on at the club – sources say he made out with another guy!

"John Mayer was dancing with ALL the guys," a Toucans regular told The ENQUIRER. "It was around 1 a.m. when his limo pulled up and parked by the restaurant next to the club. He stumbled in – you could tell he was already feeling pretty good.

"Some good-looking guy bought him a Corona beer, and he immediately started dancing like a wild man when the Black Eyed Peas single ‘I Gotta Feeling’ started playing – it was crazy."

The "Who Says" singer, 32, soaked up the attention as scantily clad "go-go boys" danced around him and men toasted him, says the eyewitness.

The show-stopping moment came when a male patron approached the singer and planted a big kiss right on John’s lips – and John seemed to enjoy it!

"That’s when the entire place erupted and cheered," added the eyewitness.

"There was talk among the men at the club that John was planning on attending an after-hours party, but I don’t know if he did."

This isn’t the first man-on-man lip lock for the seven-time Grammy Award winner. Despite dating a host of Hollywood hotties, including Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, John has confessed to making out with gay blogger Perez Hilton on New Year’s Eve 2007
"You’re damn right I made out with him," Mayer told a crowd in April.

He then quipped: "I was thinking about going gay."

"He partied and danced until the bartender called last call," added the eyewitness. "He was smiling and hugged about a dozen guys on his way out."