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John Heard: ‘Home Alone’ Star Was Blasted In Son’s Obituary

Actor's troubled personal life haunted him to his grave!

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John Heard‘s shocking death came just months after the actor’s 22-year-old son Max died in December of 2016!

According to Radar Online, Heard’s ex-wife, Sharon, had cruelly disparaged the actor in their son’s obituary for being a bad father!

In the obituary, his mother shared that, “Max passed peacefully in his sleep on December 6, 2016, at home” but gave no cause of death for her son.

“Max was in deep grief of not having a father participating in his life. We did everything to help him, but the agony was with him. He knew how loved he was by his mother, and sister, and his new girlfriend Maggie. We adore him, and will continue to adore him. For all of eternity. All of our love, Max. —Mommiexxx,” stated the obituary.

John Heard — ‘Home Alone’ Star’s History Of Violence

The actor had a troubled love life that included three failed marriages! He was first married in 1979 to actress Margot Kidder, best known for playing Lois Lane in the early “Superman” fils, for only six days in 1979.

Heard then dated actress Melissa Leo with whom he had a son, Jack, but the couple never wed. He was later married to Max’s mother Sharon from 1988-1996 and the two are also parents to a daughter, Annika.

Finally, Heard married third wife Lana Pritchard in 2010 and were divorced the same year.

The 72-year-old ‘Home Alone’ star was found dead in a Palo Alto, Calif. hotel room, reportedly by housekeeping staff.