John Goodman On Why He’s Staying Sober

john goodman alcoholic drinking end
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John Goodman finally spoke out about his hard-drinking nights!

While in town to promo new gig in Waiting For Godot on B’way,  a newly bald Goodman opened up about his boozy past of drunken delirium and withdrawal.

Goodman confessed on The Late Show he was so drunk one time he dived a NY fountain fully clothed.

“I almost got arrested; I was real belligerent. Thank God it was before YouTube.” the rotund thesp quipped.

“Hangovers, they were a luxury,” Goodman said recalling his booze battle.

“It was bad. I sweat less now.”

The star also said his hard fought sobriety was the “best thing that ever happened” to him — but later added: “It didn’t have anything to do with will. It just grew old. I was unhealthy, and I was hurting people, and I tired of it!”