As jury selection begins in the bombshell political trial of the century, the United States vs. JOHN EDWARDS, his 2008 presidential campaign returns $2.1 million in taxpayer money.

Federal Election Commission spokeswoman Judith Ingram confirmed that the agency had received the money. The bipartisan election commission ruled unanimously last year that Edwards was improperly paid the taxpayer money after he suspended his campaign on Jan. 30, 2008.  

As The ENQUIRER first reported in a series of bombshell investigative reports the Justice Department is prosecuting Edwards for alleged misuse of presidential funds to buy a conspiracy of silence – hiding his then pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter from media.

For weeks prosecution and Edwards’ defense team have battled over what may considered admissible during the trial including testimony from former loyalist Andrew Young and the notorious sex tape which allegedly depicted the then-pregnant Hunter and Edwards engaged in oral sex.

The jury selection in the sensational trial begins Thursday.
Legal expert Hampton Dellinger told WHCHL-TV that feds will  use FACTS to win the case while Team Edwards   will try to twist  the truth via complex legalese to divert jurors’ minds as to what really happened.
“The fact is that there was essentially an off the books operation that was funneling money from Edwards’ campaign supporters to Rielle Hunter to keep her coddled and quiet,” Dellinger said.  “That doesn’t feel great.”

Other concerns for the feds is that Edwards is being tried in his home state and while many feel betrayed by the love rat’s hubris some may remain faithful born out of a deeply-rooted sense of Southern loyalty to the two-time Presidential loser.