Disgraced two time presidential loser, love rat, and re-booted ambulance chaser JOHN EDWARDS is still at it.

Talking to American Lawyer magazine, Edwards, 61, was ostensibly talking about his return to law practice after being tried by the federal government in 2012 on alleged misuse of presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence.

Busted repeatedly by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER for “cheating, lying and denying” in a series of blockbuster exclusives that shook the world, Edwards remains as glossy as ever.

As we reported previously the EX senator, vice presidential and presidential candidate returned to the courtroom in to try a medical malpractice case for a young boy injured after oxygen deprivation following his birth.

As his legal team looked to Edwards’ charm and public speaking to “bring it home and close it,” but first he had to move past public perception, he told the legal mag

“I did raise it in jury selection,” he admitted, addressing his headline making past p with potential jurors.

“I was fairly direct about it.

"I said, ‘You may know me from the news media and politics. The question is, does it matter to you? The bottom line is, whatever you know about me, do you understand this case is about this little boy?’” he added.

Edwards was always first and foremost a cagey trial lawyer and his self-effacing maneuver proved successful and they won a $13 million settlement.

“I think I missed being in the courtroom more than I missed politics. I still pay attention to politics and to international issues, but I love what I'm doing,” he added.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously Edwards renewed his law license after his 2012 legal woes, when he faced six charges of campaign finance violations.

In the interview, Edwards claimed he “won” against the federal government, although  he is, in fact, stretching the truth. Edwards was actually acquitted on one charge of illegal use of campaign funding and a mistrial was declared on the other five counts.

The remaining charges were ultimately dropped.