When Rielle Hunter, the mother of John Edwards‘ love child,demanded more money in child support from the disgraced two-time Presidential loser, he tossed her and their daughter out on the street, sources tell the ENQUIRER exclusively!

Top secret documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER provide undeniable proof that John Edwards is the father of his mistress’ love child – and show that she’s asking for nearly $18,000 a month in support!

But Rielle Hunter’s cash grab so infuriated the disgraced presidential candidate that, sources say, he basically tossed her and their daughter out on the street just days before they were set to move into a house he’d bought for them!

The ENQUIRER has also learned Edwards had been preparing to publicly admit he is the baby’s father. But now that their child support negotiations have taken an ugly turn, Rielle is ready to drag the former North Carolina senator into court, insiders say.

"John thought he had sweetened the deal by getting Rielle a house, but she didn’t think what he’d offered to pay in regular support for their daughter was fair," an insider disclosed.

"John was so angry that he wouldn’t let Rielle move into the house, even with a moving van full of her belongings en route.

"So a week after Thanksgiving, Rielle found herself without a place to live – and no agreement with John for their daughter’s long-term support. She’s absolutely furious, and may take the whole thing public!"

The abrupt breakdown between Edwards, 56, and the 45-year-old blonde divorcee came as he was preparing a statement that would finally publicly confirm he’d fathered Rielle’s daughter Frances, sources say.

He was expecting to release the statement within weeks, and he’d even had his parents meet Frances before Thanksgiving, according to sources.

Edwards has also been negotiating a child support arrangement with Rielle behind the scenes, according to 11 pages of top secret legal documents provided to The ENQUIRER by sources close to the case.

In a three-page document dated April 15, 2009, Rielle’s New Jersey-based attorney Frank Louis offers her extensive advice on how to figure child support expenses in the case of "Hunter v. Edwards."

On May 11, 2009, Louis prepared an eight-page "Family Part Case Information Statement" listing "Rielle Hunter" as the plaintiff and "John Edwards" as the defendant.

The document identifies "custody" and "child support" as the issues in dispute, and names Rielle and "John Edwards" of Chapel Hill, N.C., as the parents of "Frances Quinn Hunter" born Feb. 27, 2008.

But sources say Edwards balked at her demands and even though he’d agreed to buy her a home, he backed out of the deal at the last minute.

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