The United States Department of Justice green-lighted to prosecute disgraced two time presidential loser JOHN EDWARDS, The ENQUIRER has learned.

 ABC News Nightline reported that Edwards will be indicted for allegedly misusing presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence with hush money payments.

In as series of bombshell world exclusives, The ENQUIRER first reported Edwards' affair with campaign worker Rielle Hunter and the birth of their love child, Frances Quinn, which Edwards first denied and then later admitted.

A source close to the case said that Edwards is aware the government intends to seek an indictment and prosecute him after a federal grand jury took slow, deliberate testimony from all the key players.

As The ENQUIRER revealed in an ongoing exhaustive investigation, the former North Carolina senator is now weighing his limited options in the wake of the grand jury’s impending historic indictment.

The lengthy federal investigation focused on hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly provided by two wealthy supporters – whom The ENQUIRER first named as late Dallas money man Fred Baron and 100-year-old heiress Bunny Mellon who gift-wrapped her “donations” in a box of chocolates.  

Feds will make a case, contending those were illegal donations that supported and hid Edwards’ then-pregnant mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Former Edwards loyalist Andrew Young, who was instrumental in maintaining the charade –  claiming paternity of Edwards’ love child, testified before the grand jury in an attempt to pull a “John Dean” (aka “covering your ass") before the publication of his tell-all ”The Politician” as The ENQUIRER first reported. 

 Young testified for  a full nine hours in 2009 and alleged in his book that Edwards was the mastermind of a well-funded, well-orchestrated plan to keep the affair from becoming public.

Edwrads' mistress Hunter also testified and some witnesses were later re-called for additional testimony including Andrew Young.

After The ENQUIRER  first published the result of a secret DNA test Edwards took at the grand jury’s behest, Edwards acknowledged he was the father of Frances Quinn last year.

Edwards has steadfastly maintained he had broken no laws despite an amazing propensity to deny the truth – to his late wife, Elizabeth AND the world.