Rob Shuter

Joe Manganiello Isn’t ‘Mr. Sofia Vergara’

Actor not as famous as sex symbol wife!

Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello
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“Magic Mike” actor Joe Manganiello is a gentle giant, but if you want to make him mad, call him ‘Mr. Sofia Vergara!’

Sofia Vergara’s Cheating Ultimatum To Joe Manganiello

“Joe is a good guy, but it is not always easy being married to Sofia. She is one of the highest-paid actresses on TV [with ‘Modern Family’] and is an international sex symbol. Whenever they are out together, it is Sofia that everyone wants a picture with. Joe is usually cool about it, but every so often it gets under his skin,” a spy spilled to The National ENQUIRER’s own Rob Shuter. “Joe is a great actor and very successful. He’s just not as famous as his wife — and he doesn’t like being reminded of it!”