JACKSON FAMILY patriarch JOE‘s nauseating confession – he beat his superstar son MICHAEL and the rest of the family, insisting it was for their own good!

"I kept them out of jail and kept them right," Jackson divulged on a Jackson family sit down with Oprah.

Joe only admitted the shocking truth after being prodded by wife Katherine and only after her first denied it.

"I don’t think he was afraid of me," Joe maintained while in the hot seat. "I never beat him. That never happened."

But the missus,, Katherine Jackson, wasn’t putting up with any of Pappa Joe’s BS any more..

"You might as well admit it, that’s the way black people raised their children," she said. "He used a strap."

Katherine, Joe said, "is too easy with people…just like Michael."

The long separated but never divorce couple bickered openly as Katherine, Joe claimed, was "too easy with people – just like Michael."

In the one hour taped special released just prior to a controversial new LP of previously unreleased tracks fromJ acko, both parents and his kids including Prince, 13, Paris, 12, Blanket, 8, was not only a good father but a damn fine cook.

"I kinda felt like no one understands what a good father he was," Paris said.

"I’d say he was the best cook ever. He was just a normal dad, except he was the best dad.

"He made the best French toast in the world."