Lovesick Joe DiMaggio Never Recovered From Ex-Wife Marilyn Monroe’s Tragic Overdose

'National Enquirer Investigates" reveals severe mood swings up until his death!

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Joe DiMaggio never got over his second wife Marilyn Monroe, as his final words just seconds before dying at his Hollywood, Florida home in March 1999 were, “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned just how heartbroken the Yankee Clipper was years after her tragic death.

DiMaggio’s lawyer Morris Engelberg, who was at the former baseball player’s bedside during the final moments, says the baseball legend never really recovered from Monroe’s shocking death.

Lovesick DiMaggio mourned Monroe until the day he died. Every week, for more than 20 years, he arranged for her favorite flowers – red roses – to be put next to her grave three times a week.

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His pain over her passing never left for more than minutes at a time, friends reveal.

As a result, the beloved American icon suffered severe mood swings, being alternately quiet and inconsolable and fiercely angry.

During explosive rages, DiMaggio would blast Frank Sinatra as “The Pimp” and Bobby Kennedy as “The Murderer,” say insiders.

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But other times, he’d suffer in silence – wiping away tears.

When Engelberg would ask him what was wrong, the lawyer recalls Joe looking at him and responding quietly: “Don’t you know?” And that said it all.

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